Paradise-Cinque Terre - Versilia

           Villa & Park



The ideal place, immersed in nature, between art and culture where you can feel inspired and express the most beautiful thoughts; a “bracket” for the I: take your time, to live in a creative space, relaxing, discreet and free, and to discover a silent and unexpected, source of inspiration for art and for life.

,,Thanks to the interior design accompanied by paintings, books, sculptures and objects of art along with the atmosphere created by lights, scents, music  we will bring you back to relive the period, the most beautiful of the Belle Époque, a place where time stays still.

,,An imperial villa on three floors immersed in the green, designed to keep low and protected by vegetation, it adapts perfectly to a beautiful hill above the valley that plunges into the sea, of which the structure follows the harmonious shapes, is inserted in the large park that surrounds it."

20196490_10210877209900414_607637680_o_70A2964.JPG_70A2952.JPGCasa Fossone Alto 2011 (13)20170711_092048_00120170711_09205820179644_10210877208540380_1099004791_n_ROV4937

Art Fashion & Boutique salon


Sea view Salon

Covered terrace

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